Friday, October 19, 2007

In Case You Were Wondering. . .

Purple cauliflower is really




incredibly difficult to photograph to look like anything other than a big pile of poo. Those are the good ones, the finest result of at least half an hour of trying. I think the thing that I've learned most forcefully since I started this blog (in addition to the certainty that someone is bound to tell you an unfamilliar leafy green is "just like spinach", though so far none of them have been in the least) is that food stylist is a hard freaking job. You people are magicians, I doff my hat.

Oh, also if you've been wondering, it's just like regular cauliflower, except in my experience the heads are not quite so dense, and therefor easier to break into smaller florettes. And unlike other purple produce (for instance bell peppers, or a certain bean which shall remain nameless), purple cauliflower maintains it's color beautifully through cooking, so really peps up an otherwise bland presentation.

I like mine roasted with caper butter.


Jim said...

I dunno, the first photo kinda makes it look like some darkened asteroid.

Marsha, the Market Maven said...

lol! I like your interpretation better than mine!